Our made-to-order (MTO) program is the perfect option for those who wish to customize their shoes. MTO allows you to personally select the elements that make up a shoe, including the material, color, shape, and sole choice. This program is available for all craftsmen models ever produced, and is not limited to those currently available in our boutique.


MTO fees are structured as a surcharge to a model’s base retail price. The surcharges vary based on the model’s style, and are as follows:

Oxfords, Loafers, Derbies, and Monkstraps: $149

Boots: $169

Shoes over size US 13: $199

Boots over size US 13: $249

A nonrefundable 50% deposit must be made to commence production on a MTO order, with the outstanding balance being required before final delivery. Alternatively, paying the entire price up front will apply an automatic 10% discount off the total amount (base price + MTO surcharge).

In the case of a discount given on MTO orders, the full payment must be made upfront.

Shipping costs will be calculated on the shoes/boot’s base price.

What Can Be Customized?

Last Shape – We have 8 lasts: JFK, TMG, NGT, LPB, MGF, SEA, SES & NJF. Visit our last information page for more details

Sole Material – Single leather, double leather, various rubber options, crepe and/or storm welt

Sole Color on Side of Leather Sole – Black, dark brown, mid brown, or natural

Sole Color on Bottom of Leather Sole – Red, blue, green etc.

Leather Type – Calf, suede, grain, fabric (cloth), natural crust calf for patina

Piping And Lining Color – Subject to availability of model or color

Stitching Color – Subject to availability of thread colors

Eyelets And Speed Hooks – Adding or removing, changing color

Finishing Details – Addition, change, or removal of medallions, gimping, brogueing, cap on toe, etc.

Delivery Time

The expected time from order placement to delivery is about four to Six Weeks. This can be longer and it can be shorter. We strive to be quicker, but would rather under-promise and over-deliver, rather than the contrary, especially considering current global COVID-related shipping and production delays.

Please bear in mind that there are many factors that can affect an MTO’s delivery time, and which may be out of our control. For example, if a specific leather is not in stock, an additional delay will be incurred in sourcing it before production can begin. Or if the shoe gets rejected by QC, it will then need to be remade which further delays around 1 month. This is the nature of shoemaking.

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